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The College Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) has been constituted with following nominations:

1. Prof. (Dr.) Meera Kumari (Principal) Chairperson
2. Prof. (Dr.) Meena Sinha (Deptt. of History) Co-ordinator
3. Dr. Sumita Singh (Deptt. of History) Member
4. Dr. Malini Verma (Deptt. of Philosophy) Member
5. Dr. Shabana Azmi (Deptt. of Psychology) Member
6. Dr. Kumari Seema (Deptt. of Chemistry) Member
7. Sri Nalin Kishore (Deptt. of MBA) Member
8. Sri Anant Kumar (Deptt. of MCA) Member
9. Sri Dilip Kumar (Non Teching Staff) Member
10. Sri Praveen Kumar (Non Teching Staff) Member
11. Mr. T. R. Gandhi (From Corporate Sector) Member
12. Ms. Sweety (Nominee from Student and Alumni) Member
13. Ms. Chanchala (Nominee from Student and Alumni) Member
14. Mr. Pankaj Kumar (Stake Holder,Bank Manager, SBI, J. D. Women's College Branch) Member
15. Prof. Siromany (Rtd. Professor) Member
16. Dr. Shivesh Ranjan (Govt. Representative) Member