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Best Practices

Title of the practice: Women's Empowerment

Objectives of the practice

  • To make women productive part of the society in the most constructive way so as to contribute effectively in the nation's development.
  • Many programs were undertaken through online mode due to pandemic and make by NSS and NCC . Students enrollment in Add-on courses also shrinked following the lockdown.
  • Constraints to women's participation has been identified as- lack of knowledge, lack of time, family problems, social stigma, lack of money etc. Even in higher education, women’s attendance is very low because of the above constraints. Gender sensitization, skills training program, family support, economic assistance and government programs can play an effective role in women's empowerment and their participation in higher education.
  • The evidence of success in the course of women's empowerment lies in the fact that Nirbhaya brigade and then it's has become a role model for the students in the campus. Enrollment in the Add-on courses was promoted too.
  • Conveyance problem
  • Lack of liasoning with government programs and institutions
  • Inter College and Inter University Cell should be created to channelize various projects, programs, workshops, seminars, academic activities etc at a larger scale. This will also help to widespread information at a larger scale and mass participation.

Title of the practice: Environment Friendliness

Objectives of the practice

    • To make the student realise the importance of environment and open the path of sustainable development.
    • Most environmental awareness programme conducted through online mode in with the students participation was then also programs under waste management and clean and green campus was affected.
    • The continuous degradation of environment will make our Earth a barren planet. To save our dwelling it becomes important for the researchers, scholars and intellectuals of higher strata of educational institutions to investigate, invent and discover alternatives of nonbiodegradable materials to save our Earth. Alongside, mass awareness is required to sensitize the people towards the conservative and preservation of natural resources and the various practices of sustainable Development.
    • Women are the reflection of mother nature. With the inbuilt and inborn quality of nurturing women can recreate and rebuild from anything to everything. Being a women's college our students are very sensitive towards environmental issues and has participated in programs such as energy conservation, waste management, SWAKSHATA PAKHWAR, tree plantation etc.
    • Lack of liasoning with Government Programs- lack of Information and Communication with government institution and programs by them through various governmental department has created impediments in harnessing best and quality result.
    • Inter College and Inter University Cell should be created to channelize various projects, programs, workshops, seminars and academic activities at 17 at a much larger scale. This will help in increasing the spread of information at larger scale and encourage mass participation. Student will also get a larger platform to present their work and thus enhance their potential.