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Best Practices
Title of the Practice: “SEHAT KENDRA”

  • Objectives of the Practice: To make the girl students of this Women's College deeply conscious and comprehensively aware about sex, birth and child related health issues - their prevention and cure.

The Context: A properly designed and equipped space with primary check-up and first-aid materials has been developed for the Sehat Kendra. The main challenge has been to insure requisite flow of fund for capital and working capital expenses.

  • The Practice: The Sehat Kendra frequently organizes health related talk show, meeting, exhibition, special camps and other such programs in the campus to enable the girl students prevent and cure sex, birth and child related diseases. Education without Health is ineffective. And training female is training the whole family. So, this Practice creates the ideal combination of health and educational training to the girl students. An important constraint in regular conduct of this Practice is availability of qualified resource persons.

Evidence of Success: A number of health related events have been organized by Sehat Kendra.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required: The biggest problem in creating and sustaining this practice has been the shortage of requisite fund. The other problem is getting proper resource persons.

Title of the Practice: “SHARP MIND”

  • Objectives of the practice: To impart education and life skill training and support to the underprivileged children in the campus and promote the sense of socioeconomic harmony among college students.

The Context: The College has formally coordinated with a renowned NGO, Be For Nation, to conduct this social welfare program in the campus. However, there are physical and financial constraints to the number of students we can enroll in this program.

  • The Practice: Quality education/training and learning resources are provided to underprivileged children of nearby slums. The 'extra classes' are conducted from 4 - 7 PM in the fields of music, dance, karate, painting, personality development, digital literacy etc.

Evidence of Success: An MOU has been signed with the NGO named 'Be For Nation' for this program. Around 50 children have joined the program and regularly attended the classes. In addition to the study material; chocklet, biscuit etc. are often given to the children to motivate them.

  • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Motivating the children and their parents to join this programme was an early problem. Providing learning and motivational material to the children requires fund, which is in short supply.